The pool

Originally planned as a fishpond and a rainwater collector, we liked it so much that we turned it into our swimming pool. Built from natural rocks and surrounded by a stone patio and lots of plants and flowers it is the heart of the garden on hot days. It was redesigned and rebuild in 2019

The Beach

Jaluwella is situated 300m from the famous Turtle beach in Rekawa, 20m above sea level and 15 km east of Tangalle. A ten miles long stretched sandy beach to the west invites a walk through the soft sand along the shore. To the east you will find rocks and a more stony coastline where it […]

The Garden

Our biggest project so far, we moved a tremendous amount of earth to create a lovely, green oasis within which to hang out and relax. Through landscaping we installed a natural water system to catch rainwater during monsoon season in various ponds in order to enjoy our own water supply throughout the dry season. We […]

The Mainhouse

It was once the only building on the property. The local family used to live in it. After standing empty for a number of years it was ultimately renovated but maintained its original shape and appearance. It is possible to rent a room here with a shared bathroom. Around the Main House you will find […]

The Cabanas

Built from mango wood and natural rocks, the Cabana stands alone in the middle of the garden with an extended wooden terrace and a stone patio surrounded by trees and flowers. The ancillary bathroom, made from rocks, is half open and offers your eyes a relaxing view into the green environment whilst you take a […]

The Family suite and The masters bedroom

Here you will find two beautiful and spacious apartments on top of each other, both with a large terrace to relax in and enjoy. The ground apartment offers open access to the garden and the pool while from upstairs you will feel as though you are sitting in between the adjacent trees and the birds […]